Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Earth Day I commit to the efficient use of ditritus

I'm always blogging in my head, in fact I started my blog because I love to write.  It was a great outlet for massaging my aching copy-writing brain.  All the bloggy advice will tell you that you need to be consistent to gain followers.  Don't jerk your audience around, be consistent and they will habitually come back to you.  (I'm not questioning that logic but judging from my stats, most people are coming to my tweets because I shamelessly spam self promotion each time I release a post into the sphere.) 

I'm not regular.  Well, thanks to my healthy diet and the occasional bowl of Total, I'm regular enough.  Regular poster?  Not always.  I'm always inspired to write, in fact I'll often write ideas down (and what sparked the idea) so that I won't forget later when I sit down to write.  The problem lately is that every time I sit down, work or other writing commitments take precedence.  This makes sense though, right?  Working for myself from home is the bomb but it's also a seriously disguised sand trap that can suck every minute of time.  I prioritize my time wearing my "Mommy" hat and since that is non-negotiable it means everything else gets to fall where it will.  I haven't decided if making time to write falls on the list of "must do's or you will turn into a lunatic" list.  Yoga and running top that list and you can always tell when I missed a day of exercise; I turn into an even bigger ball busting bitch than I already am within hours.

So, where should my "me" writing fall? 

Not sure.

If I am being totally honest, there is a lot of "me" writing thrown in to the mix.  The only difference is that it comes in the form of 140 characters or less.  Twitter is my little notebook of ideas, thoughts and commentary. If I have a brain fart or a tweet-able moment I throw it to the wind and it will often result in a dialogue.  What is is missing is the unabridged version, and maybe that's ok.  I've decided to stop looking at my lists of un-posted blog ideas with angst.  I'm going to take them and publish them.  It's what we call efficient use of detritus

And now, I have something to post tomorrow.  Toodles!


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