Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creating Experiences Combining Online and Offline Campaigns ~ Live Blogging Mom 2.0 Summit

Professional Track:  Creating Experiences Combining Online and Offline Campaigns for Maximum Impact and Results  (Three Mormons and a Blogess Panel .... too funny)

Rachael Herrscher, Jyl Johnson Pattee, Allison Czarnecki, Jenny Lawson

Inspire real life engagement from online relationships ....

Mayor of Martindale Texas welcomes us to Houston.  Tells a story about how Martindale was founded by a woman and the first mayor was a mayor.  7 women have been mayor and only 2 have been men.  Bestows official title - great great granddaughter of Nancy Martindale. - proclaims Bloggess as Czar of Nothingness for her ability to make something out of nothing.  Too funny!!!  Jenny goes on to tell us about the shorty awards, where popular vote deems winner.  Joke was to enter her in the government shorty award to prove that they were popularity contest... they pulled her out and disqualified all the votes.  Filled out official complaint .... ok, I'm going off to read her blog to read about it because this is way too funny.

How to incorporate online and offline:  Social Luxe Lounge at Blogher - had votes for bloggers and people came and got really great awards - successful party.

Today's Mama - handbooks started with physical product in old media and then social media came along.  Take it social - keep local data bases - use twitter, facebook etc. social media promotion involving technology.

#GNO (started as Tuesday Twitter Parties) - people wanted to go from online to offline and campaigns would be reinforced by the offline.  Did the Office Max parties to help fund teacher classrooms.  Went to bloggers around country and had them plan for their own communities.  Online/Offline mix works.

Associating brands with positive experience gives major ROI.  Mix on and offline is great longterm ROI.  Creating experiences.  Experiences are everything and interaction or experience with brand is so valuable.  You can still do this just online but integrating on a live level it is about the brand and the overall experience associated with it.

What are the wacky things we can do that are going to create the emotional experiences.  Girl Power ... you want to have those memorable experiences and emotional connection thinks about the brand or experience.  (The Texas Beet Jello Story .... you'll have to ask the Utah girls about the Beet Jello because I'm still recovering from the Texas taco truck episode last night and just can't bring myself to land here for long.... Moving on)

Do you remember Facebook Bra Color meme?  Ya .... of course, didn't participate but the whole random color thing was interesting.  BTW Nude... but how do you take it offline?  Have a bra party!  Get a sponsor involved....

Non-profits and cause campaigns - as much as you love a cause you have a "what's in it for me"?  factor - so to get someone to get babysitter and leave house there has to be something in it for them.  Whether discount or product etc there has to be something that gets it to spread. 

What is the objective of the brand?  This is important because it helps pinpoint things you can do ...

Local email lists?  What do you use to localize list - add field for city and state so that you can think local.  Huge opportunity to do something locally to build real live lists etc.... Update often!

Conferences are a great way to get word out.  Bigger scale but depending on objective gets word out.

Cause related marketing - When you are working on a cause do you look at the cause and then look at the brand?  How do you consider the all the potential ramifications?  ie bras and cancer - well, if you have a mastectomy you don't wear bra .....  who are your current brand partners?  Get the cause history and find out who they've already vetted to an extent.  Dig into their needs more ... ie make a wish foundation sends kids on trips - what about having people come to event donate miles etc because airlines are in trouble right now.  Make sure you go to the people who benefit and get guidance so you don't run afoul.  You have a big voice - you get great exposure and someone benefits but do a little background research first.


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    Dude, you are such a professional now. :) 296 followers, holy cow.

  2. Petit Elefant said...
    March 8, 2010 at 8:01 PM

    Thanks for the great recap lady!


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