Saturday, February 20, 2010

Using Your Right Mind to Market ~ Mom 2.0 Summit Live Blogging

Tracey Clark
Katherine Center
Stacy Julian
Donna Novitsky

This is what happens when the English Dept crashes the Business School.  A look at how people are using the right side of their brain to create left-brained results.

Lots of buzz about engaging brands so this exciting time to merge the left brain and right brain crowds.  Moving out of the information age and moving into the conceptual age.

Important for women now to have internet because being a mom can be isolating.  The ability to connect with others elsewhere is powerful.  The validation of our daily live is starting to be appreciated by brands.

Sometimes you start and you don't have your vision - we need to be focused but it takes time.  It's ok to jump in and following your heart leads you to different places.

If you have a problem you are not the only one.  So you can then reinvent your idea to fit you and your passion will allow it to grow.  Just solve your own problems - This is how Stacy Julian started.  Not knowing where you want to be 6 months from today is ok, but what are you going to do today?  Be authentic and ooze that so you speak to the people that resonate with you.  Be yourself and you will become a magnet for those who want the same things in their life.

CEO of Big Tent, Donna Novitsky - how do we make it happen for us?  Look at different channels SM has to reach consumers, and consumers have the power now, this changes dynamics of how to reach people.  Engage differently on different types of SM so opportunity to come up with rich programs where you build relationship between program and consumer.  Shutterfly, holiday cards sneak peak for members of Big Tent - call to action.  Tell shutterfly what you think and vote on the ones you like.  Gives value to members and results in good information for shutterfly.  Invents programs for her members and thinks what would she really like so they are beneficial to bothmembers and brands.

It is important to assess things and say no if it isn't a perfect fit.  We do have power to say no to what may not feel right.  Sometimes you'll get creative and if you put yourself in shoes of readers look to what would be helpful to your readers.  Talk about what you love.

How do you get someone to approach you or how do you make it happen? 

Seth Godin book Lynch Pin has been referenced many times this weekend....

If what you are doing supports your passion you will stay true to yourself and your readers.


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