Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SuperGirl or POW?

This is my SuperGirl, otherwise known as Katherine.  With two older brothers and a doting Daddy she can, at times, be a "POW".  No, not a "Prisoner of War".  In the Bryan household POW stands for "Piece of Work".  Yes, POW has had quite the week.  Beating up a best friend, using "poopie head" in almost every sentence, and destroying the plantation shutters in her bedroom, has kept her busy.  

Now, we don't actually tell her she is a POW.  She also isn't always a POW.  In fact, most days she is as sweet as can be.  Well, many days, anyway.

I mention this because yesterday was a wee bit of a challenge for me, if you hadn't guessed from my blog post.  I allowed myself a nice glass of wine at the end of the day, because let's face it, I deserved it after the day I had had!  Looking back, it may have been more like two glasses of wine.... or so.

In any case, I woke up a little groggy this morning and heard the pitter patter of little feet.

"Momma, I barfed."

I know that every mother out there has an instant flash of what the day will be like when they wake up to a declaration of barf.  This is exactly where I was at 8am this morning.

Why is it that preschool children always have to barf on the days they would normally be going to school?  

Why is it always on the day when the last drop of milk has been drunk and there are two slices of bread left?  

I won't pretend I didn't enjoy staying in my jammies with her.  This sweet child curled up in my lap and told me I was her "best Momma ever".  I love the "best Momma" moments.  The fact that I am her only Momma is lost on me.  The images of yesterday wash away.  All of the things I had to do today can wait.  This child, my SuperGirl, is telling me a love story.  The kind of story I want to last forever.  This is totally worth being a barf Zamboni operator for.    

I want everyone to know that I am no longer Queen of the "meanie stupid heads".  I am "best Momma ever". 

For today anyway.


3 Responses to "SuperGirl or POW?"
  1. Heidi said...
    February 4, 2009 at 7:49 PM

    POW! I love that! she is adorable!

  2. Red said...
    February 4, 2009 at 9:04 PM

    She is adorable.

    Oh, I can't wait til 'Champ' (14 months) can tell me he loves me! For now I'll have to assume that the constant following me around and crying when I leave means that he does.

  3. Veronica Lee said...
    February 5, 2009 at 1:09 PM

    She is beautiful and adorable. BTW, welcome to MBC!


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