Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do I Really Have to Spend a Fortune on Organic Milk?

Do I really have to keep spending a fortune on organic milk?  This blog entry was supposed to have an answer to that question. An answer that I have finally gone searching for.

I consider myself to be a fairly informed consumer, but at times I'm not so sure.   I never bought organic milk until I was out to dinner with a friend one night last year.  She was absolutely horrified that I was letting my daughter, who was two years old at the time, drink normal store brand milk.  Didn't I know that the reason girls were maturing so early now was because of the hormones in milk? 

Uh, no. 

I got an education that night.  I was instantly freaked out about the hormones they give milk cows.  Right away, I began paying double for organic milk versus regular old, store brand milk.  I wanted spare my daughter any unnecessary maturation that God did not originally intend.  

This was supposed to be my entry into the serious world of blogging actual information.  The problem in researching this topic, is that there is just too much information out there.  Who is right?  I have NO idea what the real deal is.  I surfed the web until I felt ill and now I'm more confused than when I started.  In fact, if I believed half of what I'd read, I would be moving to the woods and eating bark and bugs in my make-shift tent by now.  

Dear readers, do I really have to keep paying so much for milk?  

The other brand says something about not using such and such hormones but it isn't organic.  If all I'm really worried about is hormones, does this matter?

At this time, I buy the Private Selection brand of organic milk because it is the cheapest brand of organic milk at my local King Sooper.  

When I grocery shop, I look at the other brands with longing.  

The $2 difference makes me feel so sad.  How can a company produce something that will make little girls grow up too fast?

Paying more used to make me feel empowered, like I was doing my children right.  My boys will mature slower, my girl will mature slower (Puleeeeze, LORD).

A year into buying organic milk, I'm beginning to feel a teeny bit duped.  No longer being able to take advantage of the two gallons for $5 really stinks!  (OK, it has gone up to a bit more than that, but let's be real, a gallon of organic at $3.99 is killing me).  

In these hard economic times, will someone out there please educate me about the milk my children should be drinking?

Do I really have to keep spending so much on milk?


3 Responses to "Do I Really Have to Spend a Fortune on Organic Milk?"
  1. TisforTonya said...
    February 5, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    popped over from Heidi's blog - feel like I've come home a little (since I grew up in Denver).

    I wish I had more info for you on the milk... but I'm starting to think that the real answer is to stick my head in the sand... and be grateful that my girls will barely put milk on their cereal... they won't drink anything other than water - I guess I'll stop trying to force the issue :)

  2. Heidi said...
    February 5, 2009 at 9:47 PM

    Truly a tough one. If those hormones really are making the kids mature faster, at least they are all doing it together. I am pretty sure there is something bad in just about everything we eat. Do your kids eat ice cream? Is it organic? And that's just the beginning. I would focus more on feeding them foods rich in antioxidants to combat the chemicals in everything else, including the foods with the antioxidants. (T--I'm coming--wait for me!!!!)

  3. Beeswax said...
    February 6, 2009 at 7:15 AM

    Thanks for visiting my blog! It is great to meetcha! Come back soon!

    I'll tell you what I've decided about milk:

    I have heard from lots of sources that if you are going to buy organic, milk and meat are the places to splurge, as opposed to veggies and fruit.

    But I also heard that most hormones and toxins congregate in the fat of the milk/ meat, so I buy fat free milk, untreated with hormones, but not organic, and lean meats.

    If or when I have another baby who needs the whole milk from age 1 to 2, I will buy organic whole milk.

    I'm no expert, though.

    Good luck to you.


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