Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday ~ Get Ready for Top 5 Friday!

Hello bloggy loves.  Are ya wondering what happened to my list of Top 5 Unwritten blog posts I promised on Friday? They are sitting right here on a note card, all 21 of them.  Yep, 21.  That's a lot of brilliant banter never to see the light of day!  I was having a meeting of the minds with a few of my gals from wildly popular Mile High Mamas on Friday and we were solving all the problems PR, Marketing, Social Media ... all of them.... In any case, I mentioned my idea to make use of the unwritten post idea note card that I have at the end of each week.  They all thought it was a fantastic idea and Barb Likos (@chaoticbarb) said it would even make a great Meme.  Oooh la la!  This is perfect, I can be a complete under-achiever and post my list in mini snips of what could have been! Many of the ideas and topics are relevant when I think of them but fade to old news whilst I tend to the insanity that is my life.

So, this is so much easier than Casual Friday, join me this Friday and share your Top 5 Unwritten Blog Posts, we'll call it Top 5 Friday and you can bet I'll have an honorable mention list tacked on to mine.  Come back here Friday and link us all up. 

I'm begging someone, please release me from my photoshop disaster and make a new banner for this! 

See ya Friday!


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