Saturday, January 9, 2010

Colorado Ski and Golf has my vote for BEST of the BEST!

I've seen a lot of chatter in the tweet stream over the past day or so about bad customer service.  A bad customer service experience makes major waves.  The good experiences don't always get the traction that they deserve.  I had THE BEST experience of my life recently ....

I wrote about Colorado Ski and Golf earlier this fall when I had the best service picking out my new snowboard, bindings, and boots.  (and YES, my hubby was a little miffed at how much I spent, but I'm shreddin' respectably so it was totally worth it!)  At the time I was also loving how the company was immersing its marketing into the social media world.  It is always fun for me to see this happen with a company that friends recognize, it makes me say, "See, I told you social media was powerful.".  Then the little lightbulb goes off and they "get" it.

So fast forward to this past holiday break.  We drove up to our place in Beaver Creek the day after Christmas and, as we were unpacking our food for the next week and a half, Henry declares that he is never snowboarding again, it is too hard and he likes skiing better anyway.  Apart from the fact that he owns a snowboard and not skis, this really doesn't bother me in the least.  I thought he might just snowboard until we got back to Denver but the child was dead set against the idea.

Colorado Ski and Golf has this awesome Jr Trade program where you can purchase ski/snowboard packages for $100 and trade in for $20.  This is awesome and makes skiing a much more affordable sport for those of us with 3 kids... just sayin'.  I knew that we could just take the snowboard in and trade out for skis as soon as we got back to Denver.... mostly because we had to do it for Henry last year!  I was dreading the idea of having to drive 2.5 hours and I knew that @coloradoskigolf is fairly active on twitter so I tweeted and look at this!

@coloradoskigolf in Avon son wants switch out snowboard for ski - have season rental. Any options up here?
@banteringblonde no jr trade programs going on up in the Mtns., but DM me and I have an idea that will work for you!

@banteringblonde I am sending you an email as we soon! Hope you are having a blast in the high country!

@coloradoskigolf u rock as usual! I'm so blogging this!

@banteringblonde : that is what we are here for! Just waiting on some details for you, and will send them off as soon as I see them!

From here I got an email from Scott, and then he called me to let me know someone was going to be calling me.  And then another guy named Scott called me and set something up with George from Beaver Creek Sports Rental.  They are affiliated with Colorado Ski and Golf and were able to COMP  us a full week of ski rental.  YES, folks it was as easy and pleasant as that.  Totally unexpected but unbelievably appreciated!

But WAIT!  That's not all.  At the risk of sounding like an infomercial there really is more....  On Saturday, 5 days after this experience, Will and I were way out in Larkspur Bowl and his binding cracked and he lost one of the straps.  It was a bummer but he was at least able to board his way over to the main slopes down to the village.  I thought we might be able to have Beaver Creek Sport Rental repair the binding so we headed down and were able to talk to someone there.  They tried to repair the binding but for whatever reason they weren't able to fix this particular board.  They COMP'd us a board rental for 2 days!!!  At this point I'm just about to wet my pants with happiness.  If I were writing a book this would so totally be included as a case study!

Awesome story, right?

Yesterday I got this tweet from @coloradoskigolf

@banteringblonde Glad to hear that H had a great week after all! Let me know when you want to come in and switch out H's setup back to ski!

It just happens that I had just taken Will's board in for repair and had exchanged Henry's board for skis.  I was able to get the skis without having H with me because I knew what sizes etc. Easy Peasy!

Are you ready for more?  How much better could this story get?  Here goes.....

This morning John took the boys and Kat up because they have Beavo Sat and Sun.  I decided to stay behind because our Christmas tree is still up.... and he is going to be traveling a lot over the next few weeks.  He encouraged me to rest up for it ;)  Two full days at home by myself?  UH YES I took advantage!

I almost choked when I got this series of texts:

8:43am   At Avon in time. 20mins to Beavo

8:53am  Henry has two left boot!!!!!!  FRAK!!!!

(yes he actually typed FRAK!)

Obviously, going without Henry to get the skis wasn't the best idea .... ending up with two left boots?  Oooops.  The next text I get?

12:45  bc rental gave us free rental again!!!!  you need to blog this for sure!

So there you go folks!  My award for the company that GETS the meaning of customer service and goes ABOVE and BEYOND goes to.... Colorado Ski and Golf!!!  I will sing the praises of this company and if they ever want to hire me to join their social media team.... call me Scott, you have my number!


2 Responses to "Colorado Ski and Golf has my vote for BEST of the BEST!"
  1. RachelFerrucci said...
    January 10, 2010 at 6:15 PM

    That is so awesome. I love hearing about great customer service, being that I was a manager of a large call center, I'm all about that! I always try to get names and call managers and above to give recognition to the front line people...I was just writing a post on my top and bottom for xmas.

    Rachel Ferrucci

  2. Unknown said...
    January 11, 2010 at 10:27 AM

    I love hearing about good customer service. It is awesome you took the time to recognize it. I will be doing the same type of post soon!


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