Saturday, July 18, 2009

Get Yourself "Mamavated" with Mamavation!

Many of you know about my MomActive partnership with Leah Segedie of, the biggest and only online network for Fitness and Health Minded Moms. This partnership encompasses our Friday live radio broadcast on Blog Talk Radio (2pm EST, 11am PST) and the blog that I maintain at Leah and I are like long lost soul sista's, we complete each other thoughts and sentences and we share so many of the same passions. I'm so excited to share the most recent and the BIGGEST ever campaign to hit social media. Think American Idol meets Biggest Loser and you may begin to see how big this thing will be. If you've been following the #mamavation hashtags on twitter you probably have some idea of what is going on. Read on for the full scoop!

Mamavation is a social experiment and weight loss campaign on twitter. Mamavation, like motivation, is an opportunity for one mom to change her life and create a healthy lifestyle for her family. The Mamavation Mom will be supplied with a bonafide team of personal trainers, coaches, and a cheerleading squad comprised of fit mamas that know what it takes to lead a healthy lifestyle. She will be challenged and encouraged for two months to make everlasting changes in her life. Once the time period is over, if certain goals are met, she will receive several prizes and become the first Mamavation Mom.

The campaign will unfold on
Bookieboo where the Mamavation mom will keep a daily food/exercise journal. She will also be part of the Mamavation group on Bookieboo, where the entire membership and her team will encourage and assist her with her goals. She will be expected to post about her Mamavation experience on her blog weekly and tweet out often. She will also be asked to appear on the Momactive Radio Show and MomTV, as well as create bi-weekly confessional vlogs.

How will the mom be chosen? Good question. The Mamavation Mom will come from Twitter. Mamavation will be promoted as a healthy campaign while applications are submitted. Moms who apply will need to have a blog and twitter account. Three to four moms will be chosen for twitter to vote on. Those moms will ignite their own campaigns to get votes. And the first #mamavation mom will be annouced with a twitter party.

We hope Mamavation will touch peoples lives in a very real way on twitter. The world will be watching as the Mamavatioin mom struggles with challenges and overcomes. She will become an inspiration to all. Come watch how this unfolds.

Head on over to to see how YOU can apply!!!


3 Responses to "Get Yourself "Mamavated" with Mamavation!"
  1. Hit 40 said...
    July 18, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    What a great idea for a web site!!! I can always you motivation.

  2. septembermom said...
    July 18, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    This sounds like an idea that can change many moms' lives for the better!

  3. Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...
    July 19, 2009 at 1:36 PM

    I am so excited just by the response I've gotten from my entry vlog. This is such a fantastic idea and I know whoever the mamavation mom turns out to be (me, me, me LOL) we will all benefit from this campaign!


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