Monday, February 16, 2009

Strange Orbs Invading

Anyone else confused? 
I'm not exactly breaking news here because this has been out for several months now.  I blog about this in my head all the time, though.  

The first time I saw it I was driving down Colorado Boulevard.  I noticed this huge orb-like thing on a billboard.  No words, just it.  

To this day I am fairly certain that it is a booby trapped mind spell.  I was so distracted trying to figure out what the heck it was that my big gas guzzling Mommy bus swerved into another lane.  A very grouchy woman in a Mercedes sedan lay on her horn, and do you know what else?   She called me a very naughty word!  

Biatch!  Can't you see I'm hypnotized by that giant Pac Man thing?

WTH is that?
Is it supposed to be a sort of Yin Yang thing?
Reminds me of one of those 70's airline logos.
Must... not... look... directly... at... object....

In the back of mind I was thinking, "If Pepsi is rebranding itself they should seriously fire the people behind it."

Ooops!  It actually is the new Pepsi logo! 

If you google "new pepsi logo" you'll find all kinds of hoopla and speculation.  I 'm not really interested enough to actually read about it, so I just skimmed enough to learn that there may or may not be some intricate formula behind the new design.  

Whatever, please just take it off the billboard so I can drive in a straight line!   

OH, and get this.  Apparently Mountain Dew is now Mtn. Dew.  In this age of twittering and texting, are we actually going to degrade an all time classic beverage?  

Next weekend when I go skiing shall I update my facebook profile with "heading to the mtns"??  

Not me, can't do it.  Not cool enough.  My inner geek won't allow it. 
I could care less about the Pepsi UFO saucer hypnotic logo thing, but Mtn. Dew?  How do you even say that?  My Jersey friends always say "Mou-in" - would it be sort of like that?     

I'm pretty sure I couldn't drink a Mtn. Dew.  Just doesn't feel right.
I'm a Diet Coke girl.  In fact, I've been faithfully trying to kick my Diet Coke habit for a full decade now.  So, have fun with your logo on an acid trip and your lazy abbreviated Mtn., and whatever other beverage silliness comes along.  I'll be white knuckling my steering wheel down Colorado Blvd. praying for the day they replace the mind control billboard.... all while sipping on my Diet Coke.


2 Responses to "Strange Orbs Invading"
  1. Jennifer said...
    February 18, 2009 at 1:27 AM

    Hi Fiona! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Your post is hilarious! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Aliceson said...
    February 18, 2009 at 3:57 AM

    That is a terrible logo. I could see why such a sight could cause an accident.


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