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Mom 2.0 Live Blog - Professional Track - You Can't Spell Progress without PR

You can't spell progress without PR:

Building positive relationships with PR and bloggers.

Amy Schwab
Amy Adams
Stephanie Pomponi Butler
Ciaran Bloomenfeld 

As PR people what should we know about marketing to Moms? 
All moms are not created equally, we are not the same person.  Know who you are marketing to, get to know us before you pitch.  Develop a relationship - we want to have great relationships.  We are really technically savvy so appeal to us that way and meet up with us in the networks where we are.  Many of us had careers and were professionals before we had children. 

Give some examples of a positive roadmap for PR people to build relationship with Bloggers??

If you start a relationship with a bad pitch you don't get to the relationship stage - what stage you are at and what your courtship level is.  Superficial?  i.e. share press release.   Ask someone to attend an event or be a brand ambassador is an entirely different relationship.  No specific road map for those types of things but definitely some protocol for behavior and some expectations.  We must define what we want and expect. 

Media Kit?  PR Pitches
People have moved beyond having a rich about me section and now they have Media Kits - we are our own pr people.  Pitches from bloggers have client lists, quotes, sample posts, ways they'd like to work with us (objective) -- media kit can be helpful to both sides.  (there are also bloggers who are not very savvy but market well so PR must be careful about hooking up your brand with no substance - look at the writing!)  People who are influential don't necessarily have the biggest numbers so don't discount someone.  The quality of the relationship the blogger has with audience is key.  DIg deeper - who reads the blogs are they buyers, will they click through on coupons etc.?  Be honest in your media kits. 
When blogger pitches PR it is impresses when they show a connection to product etc.

What is the thing with bloggers wanted to get paid?
We don't pay traditional journalists or editors....  How to counter bloggers that want money -- the first take away is that bloggers are not journalists.  Bloggers are an extension of your marketing department so bloggers are the same way as your graphic advertising budget etc.  Bloggers would like recognition whether it is money, or a connection to your product brand or service, maybe being invited to an event.  Up to you to figure out which way to go.  If you are going to use material provided by blogger you are using them as a copy writer and you need to  give them credit.  Time is valuable and respond accordingly.  Brand ambassadors, advocates, etc. trend gives the blogger recognition but be careful to examine the amount of learning and materials you are producing but you should be compensated if you are performing the role of a spokesperson.  It is a consulting relationship that we can build - hopefully the review is part of a bigger relationship so that later on you are thought of to run event, or talk to client and how we can build lasting relationships. 

How can PR people communicate with clients when the client wants to target the BIG sites??

What is relatable and what is real?  Who are they coming back to every day because the really identify with that person - this trust is powerful and has value.  Influence goes beyond the blog.  Value in the authentic relatable blogger.  After a point you are saturating the mom community and then it seems that every blog is giving away the same product and so how much of that message is getting beyond those blogs.  Put messages on blogs where the author goes out into the community IRL and also do they participate in different online communities that would have a deeper reach?  Educate clients that measure of influence goes beyond the stats of blog.  How do you convince a client that does not have online based sale measurement  - you must explain engagement to the brand.

What would you like to see in a media kit, do you want to see a media kit?
WHY is my company a good match for you.  Stats are fine but tell me why you are a good fit, why this is valuable, what my products do for you.   What are your objectives maybe we can segment ourselves?  Describe our demographic - what our interests and niches are?  Yes.

What about the "brokers" that match bloggers and PR/product to each other - do these work?

These don't work in creating a stronger relationship …. Social media is about relationships and you need to invest in those relationships.


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