Monday, August 24, 2009

A Quiet Quiet Morning .....

My house is very quiet right now. Very, very quiet. It feels a little empty. I'm sitting here with a stack of papers, making phone calls, getting things done.

I miss the noise. Sorta. I miss the chaos. Sorta. I do. My babies are all growing up so fast and my house is quiet. :(


16 Responses to "A Quiet Quiet Morning ....."
  1. Heatherlyn said...
    August 24, 2009 at 3:10 PM

    I don't know exactly how you feel because I'll still have one little guy at home this year. But I've been thinking a lot about it.

    I think I've finally started to really adjust to the noise and the constant interruptions and the not-being-able-to-get-more-than-three -things-done-in-a-day and then the kids go and grow up! And leave us alone with a lot of quiet. It's really wierd.

  2. AiringMyLaundry said...
    August 24, 2009 at 3:30 PM


    I bet that is strange.

    My son starts school in 2 days but my daughter will be home with me so it won't be totally quiet.

  3. Aliceson said...
    August 24, 2009 at 4:55 PM

    The first day of school is always bittersweet.

    Mine don't start until next week and a good thing too because I haven't done any back to school shopping yet.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet!

  4. Mandy said...
    August 24, 2009 at 6:08 PM

    What a beautiful family you have! Adorable kids! Enjoy the silence. And eat some of the kids' candy while they're at school. ;-)

  5. septembermom said...
    August 24, 2009 at 7:03 PM

    Your "babies" are so cute! I will have that silence next year.

  6. ScrappinMichele said...
    August 24, 2009 at 9:09 PM

    awwww. What a sweet picture!!!

  7. Devri said...
    August 24, 2009 at 9:49 PM

    What a gorgeous photo! I have all 5 girls in elementary this year, but I still have 2 boys at home, awe,, what would it feel like. jelous, a bit!

  8. Shady Lady said...
    August 24, 2009 at 9:59 PM

    What beauties! As you know, I feel so lucky that mine is home(schooling) with me.

  9. Randi Troxell said...
    August 25, 2009 at 8:39 AM

    oh but how cute they all are!!

  10. Grace Matthews said...
    August 25, 2009 at 9:29 AM

    I totally know how you feel. All summer I prayed for the silence and now I hate it. My youngest started this year so I'm feeling the empty nest :(

  11. Ute said...
    August 25, 2009 at 10:40 AM

    Oh my gosh, I think I'm gonna cry now. Yeah, I'm just a big baby. :)

  12. The Trenches of Parenting said...
    August 25, 2009 at 1:18 PM

    I feel the same.

    Other than doing research for my book, I haven't a clue what to do since mine went back to school on Monday.

    I feel kinda lost and the house just suddenly got too big.

  13. Unknown said...
    August 25, 2009 at 4:05 PM

    You have the most beautiful children ever!!!

  14. Unknown said...
    August 25, 2009 at 9:27 PM

    It is weird how you can't wait for them to go and them miss them when they are gone! And you do so have the most beautiful children!!

  15. I am Harriet said...
    August 26, 2009 at 11:38 AM

    It sure is nice isn't it?

    Have a great Wednesday!

  16. Stacy Uncorked said...
    August 27, 2009 at 5:07 PM

    Awwww! I had those moments today, too... :)


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